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Lending a collective voice to providers of affordable housing and the people they serve, NC Housing Coalition provides the statewide and federal voice for low-income North Carolinians. The Coalition monitors programs and legislation, and is leading a grassroots campaign to build an endowment for housing in North Carolina.

Campaign for Housing Carolina

Click here for information on the campaign to raise $50 million in recurring funds for North Carolina's Housing Trust Fund.


State & Local Advocacy

To learn more about the Coalition's role in state & local advocacy and read our State Legislative Agenda click here.

Recent Legislative Successes

Click here to learn about NCHC's legislative successes at the NC General Assembly.

Federal Advocacy

To learn more about the Coalition's role in Federal Advocacy and read our Federal Legislative Agenda click here.


Messaging & Strategy

If you are looking for information on how to effectively message and communicate the need for affordable housing click here. This page also has a link to our Communications Manual which was designed to provide affordable housing advocates and concerned community leaders the tools to conduct a meaningful and successful public education initiative about affordable housing.

The Postcard Project

Click here to learn more about this exciting new outreach project! 

Developer's Council

Click here to learn more about our Developer's Council and how you can join!

Advocacy, Lobbying and Non-profits

Click here to learn what exactly constitutes lobbying, and how much lobbying non-profits can engage in.

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