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Federal Advocacy

Lending a collective voice to providers of affordable housing and the people they serve, the NC Housing Coalition also advocates for low-income North Carolinians when dealing with legislators and other key policymakers at the federal level.

Below is the Coalition's 2011 Federal Legislative Agenda.

FY 11 and FY12 Budget and HUD Appropriations

  • Pass a full year FY11 bill that provides funding for HUD programs at or above the FY10 levels, with necessary increases for key programs to ensure all currently assisted households remain housed and additional people are assisted.
  • Oppose H.R. 1, the House‐passed FY11 funding bill, which would impose more than $5.7 billion in cuts to HUD.
  • Provide sufficient FY12 funding for HUD’s core rental housing programs to serve existing and additional extremely low income (ELI) households. Base FY12 funding off of the demonstrated increase in ELI housing need.

Housing Plus Services

  • Fund the McKinney‐Vento Homeless Assistance Grants at the authorized level of $2.4 billion for FY11 and FY12 in order to fully implement HEARTH legislation. 
  • Fund the new Housing and Services Demonstration vouchers for $85 million in FY11 and $57million in FY12.

Low Income Housing Tax Credits

  • Support targeting requirements for the LIHTC program that require at least 25% of LIHTC resources go to households with incomes below 30% of area median.
  • Support efforts to use LIHTC to preserve more federally assisted housing.

National Housing Trust Fund

  • Support dedicated funding for the NHTF in any new framework for U.S. housing finance.
  • Cosponsor S. 489 and support bills like S. 489, which identifies resources to flow into the NHTF.
  • Support reform of the regressive mortgage interest deduction, turning the deduction
    into a new mortgage credit and directing some of the savings into the NHTF.
  • Support the President’s request for $1 billion for the NHTF in FY12.

Public Housing

  • Support funding for the public housing operating and capital funds.
  • Only support conversion of public housing to project‐based contracts if such conversion requires longterm, permanent contracts, use restrictions and public ownership; resident protections and participation requirements; and a resident choice component where residents would be able to move with a tenant based voucher if they so chose.
  • Support bills that revitalize our nation’s public housing stock while protecting residents and homes.

Section Eight Voucher Reform

  • Support expanding the housing choice voucher program so that more households can be served.
  • Support SEVRA enactment, but without expanding or continuing Moving to Work demonstration program.
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