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Campaign for Housing Carolina

Now, more than ever... Housing builds.

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In the face of unsteady housing markets and an unsettled economy, the North Carolina Housing Trust Fund has proven its power to build communities, the economy and lives. 

The General Assembly appropriated $7.9 million to the Trust Fund in Fiscal Year 2012. Since its creation in 1987, the Housing Trust Fund has delivered:

  • $971.4 million in housing construction and rehab
  • $6.56 of housing produced for every $1 of state investment
  • 17,521 construction jobs
  • $122 million in local and state tax revenues
  • 26,127 homes and apartments

Click here for more information and what you can do to help secure more funding for affordable housing in NC.

The Trust Fund is the only state-designed and state-appropriated resource for:

Northpoint Commons
  • providing permanent housing for homeless families and individuals, victims of domestic violence, and persons with disabilities
  • ensuring seniors and persons with disabilities can continue living in their own homes through rehab and modification
  • producing energy-efficient and “green” standard housing
  • providing successful. entry-level home ownership

To reach its potential, the Trust Fund needs an adequate and reliable source of funds. It needs a substantial recurring appropriation in the 2012 Session, especially when funds are short and North Carolina’s housing and economic challenges are great. Our goal is to achieve a minimum of  $50 million in annual funding. (Right: Northpoint Commons, Asheville - Family Apartments)

Now, more than ever, North Carolina needs decent, safe and affordable housing that the Trust Fund can build, given the necessary resources.

Click here to download a pdf brochure with this information.

Click here to learn more about the Campaign's History.

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