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How Can I Support the Campaign?

The most important way you can support the Campaign is to contact your state elected representatives and ask them to support the Campaign.

Please call your legislators today and ask them to support funding for the NC Housing Trust Fund in 2011-2012 and let them know we need a dedicated revenue source!

Here are some other specific steps you can take to involve your elected officials when the legislature is not in session:

  • Organize a meeting with your local elected officials (click here to find out who your city/town officials are, and here to find out who your county officials are) to talk about the Campaign and to ask for their endorsement.
  • Organize a meeting with your state elected officials and ask for their endorsement of the Campaign (click the link to find your Senator or Representative).
  • Add your organization's name to the list of those endorsing the Campaign by sending us an email.
  • Add you name to our email Action Alert list so you can be contacted when we need folks to call/email their state elected officials in support of the Campaign for Housing Carolina.
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