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State Advocacy

NC Housing Coalition provides the statewide voice for low-income North Carolinians in the General Assembly and with other key policymakers at state and local levels. The Coalition monitors programs and legislation, and is leading a grassroots campaign to build an endowment for housing in North Carolina.

Below is the Coalition's 2013 State Legislative Agenda.

Protect the NC Housing Trust Fund

  • The North Carolina Housing Trust Fund (NCHTF), created by the General Assembly in 1987, is North Carolina’s only state-funded and state-designed resource for affordable housing. It provides home ownership opportunities for low-income families, affordable apartment developments for working families, seniors and people with disabilities, and finances home repairs and accessibility modifications for elderly and disabled persons. The Trust Fund also finances supportive housing for homeless families, survivors of domestic violence, and people with mental illness, developmental and other disabilities.  In 2013, the Campaign for Housing Carolina led by the NC Housing Coalition, will strive to protect funding for the NC Housing Trust Fund and restore the Trust Fund to at least $10 million in recurring annual funding.  The ultimate goal of the Campaign for Housing Carolina is to see the NCHTF funded at $50 million per year. 

Protect the State Housing Tax Credit

  • The State Housing Credit, used by for-profit and non-profit developers, was created by the NC General Assembly in 1999 to be used in combination with the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit.  The State Credit ensures greater affordability and deeper income targeting in LIHTC properties, improves our state’s competitiveness for federal funds, and improves economic development in rural and urban communities in NC.  The NC Housing Coalition will work to protect the State Housing Credit and ensure that it is a permanent part of the state’s housing strategy.   We will also work to protect legislation that passed in 2008 recognizing Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties at their rent-restricted value for the purposes of tax valuation.

Defend Consumer Financial Protections

  • NCHC will work with the NC Justice Center, the Center for Responsible Lending and other partners to protect and strengthen North Carolina’s financial protections. We will fight all efforts to legalize payday lending, as well as efforts to lower regulations and increase fees for companies seeking to make predatory loans.  We will work to preserve the Homeowner and Homebuyer Protection Act that protects homeowners against foreclosure rescue scams, and put in place necessary regulations regarding contracts for deed and lease option sales.

Protect Tenant Rights

  • NCHC will work to ensure that renters have adequate protections from abusive practices by landlords, and will continue to advocate for improved housing conditions and enforcement of housing quality standards.  We will also fight any effort to weaken tenant protections in Chapter 42, North Carolina’s Landlord Tenant Law.

Improve Migrant Farmworker Housing

  • As part of the Harvest of Dignity Campaign, NCHC works with other advocacy organizations to improve migrant farmworker rights in North Carolina.  NCHC supports updated farmworker housing standards for the 21st century, including toilets and showers with privacy, adequate kitchen and laundry facilities, guaranteed access to kitchen and eating areas, a telephone for emergency use, posted emergency information, and locks on exterior doors and windows. For more information, visit 

Promote Greater Homeowner Protections in Homeowner Associations

  • In partnership with the NC Justice Center and the Center for Responsible Lending, the NC Housing Coalition will work to strengthen homeowner protections in Homeowner Associations (HOA).  We will advocate for policy change that gives greater protection to homeowners, including greater HOA board accountability, restrictions on an HOA’s power to place liens and foreclose, required payment plans, alternative dispute resolutions, etc.

Promote Affordable Utility Rates for Low-Income North Carolinians

  • As a member of Consumers Against Rate Hikes (CARH) the NC Housing Coalition works  with nonprofit organizations, faith-based communities, businesses, and individuals concerned about the impact of rising electric rates on residential and business customers, local governments, schools, and other institutions. CARH supports fair and equitable rates across all classes of customers, transparency and public involvement in the rate setting process, and programs that reduce energy demand and encourage energy efficiency as a means to reduce overall monthly costs for individuals and businesses.  In 2013 NCHC will work with CARH to take pre-emptive action against unnecessary utility rate increases that will negatively impact low-income homeowners and renters. For more information see


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