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2008 Housing Conference Presentations - Thursday

Listed below are Thursday's workshops from 2008’s Annual Housing Conference, as well as presentations.  Click on the links to download the respective materials.

Workshops are listed in the order they occurred.

Click here for Friday's workshops


Welcome and Opening Remarks - Keynote Speaker
Anne Wilson, vice president of housing and real estate development for Community HousingWorks in San Diego, CA, will discuss Solara, the first solar-powered and green affordable apartment community in California.

Click here to download Anne Wilson’s presentation.


Industry Update: Housing Legislation – Gifts or Coal?
Housing experts will explain federal proposals impacting HUD and the Housing Credit as well as state legislation addressing the Housing Trust Fund, state tax credit and foreclosure prevention.
Linda Couch, deputy director, National Low-Income Housing Coalition, Washington, DC; David S. Gasson, vice president/director of corporate communications, Boston Capital, Boston, MA; Chris Estes, executive director, N.C. Housing Coalition; and A. Robert Kucab, executive director, N.C. Housing Finance Agency

Click here to download the Industry Update panel presentation.


Annual Developers’ Workshop
This intensive workshop outlines proposed changes to the 2009 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) and how applications for federal and state tax credits will be evaluated in 2009.
Scott Farmer, director of rental investment, Russ Griffin, senior construction specialist, and Mark Shelburne, counsel & policy coordinator, N.C. Housing Finance Agency

Click here to download 10 Green Options, Design Requirements and Scoring, and a tax credit overview


Make Your Housing Investments Strategic
If you are interested in providing affordable home ownership opportunities or much-needed home rehabilitation in your community, learn what financing options are available through the N.C. Housing Finance Agency.
Bill Dowse, director of strategic investment, N.C. Housing Finance Agency


Can Inclusionary Housing Work in Your Community?
As communities across the state grapple with growth and the decline of housing affordability, more attention is being given to inclusionary housing ideas. Hear how grassroots efforts in communities across the state are planning for affordable housing.
Officials from Charlotte, and Chatham, Durham and Orange counties

Click here to download Cindy Reid’s Inclusionary Housing presentation.
Click here to download Amy Powell’s Inclusionary Housing presentation.
Click here to download Joella Schiepan’s Inclusionary Housing Presentation.


Hispanics and Home Buying: Know the Culture
To reach more Hispanics with your business, you must first understand their attitudes about home ownership, purchasing decisions and banking. Learn how cultural mores affect Hispanics’ home buying decisions and how best to address their housing needs.
David Flores, CEO, Nuestro Banco, Raleigh; Jose Serrano, Realtor®, RE/MAX United, Raleigh;April Olivia, loan officer/vice president, BB&T, Raleigh; and Sharon K. Drewyor, director of homeownership lending, N.C. Housing Finance Agency


Have Community Development Lending Regulations Changed in 2008?
Get the latest information on CRA regulations and community development.
Bonita Irving, district community affairs officer, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Boston, MA, and John A. Meeks, community affairs specialist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Raleigh

Click here to download the CRA presentation.


Secondary Market Resources – Do You Need to Sell Some Loans?
Find out what secondary market resources are available to sell loans from both single family and multifamily loan portfolios.
Miles O. Vaughn, senior business manager, Fannie Mae, Charlotte, and Vaughn D. Irons, national director expanding markets, Housing & Community Investments, Freddie Mac, Atlanta, GA

Click here to download the Secondary Market Resources presentation.


Foreclosure Mitigation: How You Can Save a Home
Learn what resources are available to help homeowners facing foreclosure. Speakers will discuss a national Neighborworks® grant that finances counseling for homeowners with subprime loans and other problems, and the Home Protection Program, which helps displaced workers.
Al Ripley, director of the Consumer Action Network, N.C. Justice Center, Raleigh; and Charlene Smith, manager of mortgage servicing, and Michelle Hoag, foreclosure prevention underwriter, N.C. Housing Finance Agency

Click here to download foreclosure mitigation presentation.


Rescuing and Re-Using Homes: The Ultimate “Green”
Get an inside look at how Raleigh-based Builders of Hope is increasing the availability of high-quality affordable housing by rehabilitating homes rescued from demolition and integrating green building and renewable energy strategies.
Nancy Murray, executive director, Builders of Hope, Raleigh; Dona Stankus, N.C. Solar Center, Raleigh; and Georgia Bizios, N.C. State University College of Design, Raleigh

Click here to download Nancy Murray’s presentation.
Click here to download Donna Stankus’ presentation.


Make Foundation Dollars Work for Your Supportive Housing
Need to raise capital and service funds for supportive housing? Foundation and Federal Home Loan Bank funding may be the answer. Learn how, where and when to apply.
Ned Fowler, executive director, Northwestern Housing Enterprises, Inc., Boone, and Gerry Johnson, executive director, Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center of Scotland County

Click here to download Ned Fowler’s presentation.
Click here to download Gerry Johnson’s presentation and here to download his handout.

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