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Member Spotlight

Durham Community Land Trustees

Founded in 1987 by a local group of neighborhood residents in response to rising housing cost, absentee landlords and housing disrepair in their neighborhood, Durham Community Land Trustees (DCLT) is focused on a mission of creating permanently affordable housing and promoting community revitalization.  DCLT develops housing for a wide range of low to moderate income families.  Their current portfolio of over 200 units includes both homeownership and rental housing for special populations, seniors, and low-income families.

The land trust model of housing development ensures housing is permanently affordable and provides a barrier to the gentrification occurring in Durham downtown surrounding neighborhoods.  In addition, DCLT’s homeowner stewardship program provides a safety net for low to moderate income buyers.

Durham Community Land Trustees is a member of the NC Housing Coalition because recognize the importance of strong advocacy for the existence and condition of affordable housing throughout the state of NC.  In addition, the state-wide analysis and statistical data they generate has been extremely valuable to us.

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As a membership organization, we're only as strong as our members. Luckily, our members are some of the best in the affordable housing business! We love to recognize those who are doing great work. If you're interested in becoming or nominating a Member Spotlight, please click here.

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