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Member Spotlight

Cape Fear Housing Coalition

In early 2003, a group of Wilmington advocates recognized the need to form a local affordable housing coalition to bring together non-profit agencies, businesses, government entities, and others interested in homelessness/affordable housing issues to work together on common goals. The participants felt that a coalition would be proactive rather than reactive and would present a united voice to policy-makers and the community at large. The coalition became incorporated in May 2005 and its formal bylaws were adopted in September 2005.

In 2012, the coalition decided it was time to expand its membership and broaden its impact. After a year of strategic planning, the board members restructured as Cape Fear Housing Coalition (CFHC) and approved new objectives.

Our mission is to strengthen the Cape Fear Region by increasing access to affordable, safe, healthy housing.


  1. Envision the housing opportunities necessary to strengthen our community and improve the quality of life for all.
  2. Advocate on behalf of low and moderate-income individuals and other marginalized groups; influence public opinion and public policy.
  3. Educate the private and public sectors about fair housing rights and affordable housing needs, issues and best practices.
  4. Bring together housing professionals and other stakeholders to understand the community’s concerns and priorities; execute collaborative plans of action.

The intent is to invite more stakeholders into the conversation to develop and execute community-wide strategies to meet the housing demands and needs of the future, especially those that are not met by the market. The coalition envisions a day when everyone in our region has the opportunity for a safe, healthy, affordable place to call home.

CFHC is a member of NCHC because they offer a statewide vision on affordable and fair housing and are a valuable resource to local coalitions as we strive to drive policy and action in our own jurisdictions.  We are particularly excited about the NCHC 2016 Listening Sessions around the state to develop and create a unified voice on housing issues across the state!


  • Paul E. D’Angelo, Chair
  • Paul Stavovy, Vice-chair
  • Adrienne Cox, Treasurer
  • Olivia Dorsey, Secretary

Our 2015/2016 message:

  • What is Affordable Housing?Fact or Fiction?
  • The math of housing does not work for many members of our community
  • The more we spend on housing, the less income we have to support our local economy

CFHC is very proud of our accomplishments over the past 18 months:

  • Legislative Breakfasts on Regionalism & Tax Credits
  • Fair Housing Seminars
  • Housing Insight Series w/ The Greater Wilmington Business Journal
  • Solution Series on Inclusionary Zoning & Housing Trust Funds
  • Mayor’s Roundtable on Affordable Housing
  • Awareness & Momentum

And looks forward to more events & action in the near future:

  • Our Affordable Housing Survey for New Hanover County, open through April 15th, 2016
  • Landlord Fair Housing Summit, Thursday, April 14th
    Topics Include:
    • What are my rights as a landlord, and as a tenant, with the new Fair Housing laws?
    • As a landlord, what subsidies exist to help me rent my property?
    • Will the police have power over my property and my tenants?
    • How is Code Enforcement affecting rental properties in the Cape Fear Region?
    • How can I communicate with my landlord regarding the condition of my rental home without worry of eviction?
    • How can I communicate with my tenants regarding the condition of my property and encourage Pride in Place?
  • Housing Street Sheet - To be delivered April 14th.  A one-stop paper shop listing all of the affordable housing communities available in our region, with contact information & availability along a bus line, as well as information on Fair Housing and our local Housing Hotline.
  • Vacant Lots, Dilapidated Homes, and Heir Rights - How can the CFHC help activate our inner city community into a vibrant, safe, affordable neighborhood?
  • Mayor’s Ad Hoc Committee on Affordable Housing

The CFHC is guaranteed a spot at the table to be a part of our community’s solution to funding and developing more affordable housing in our region. CFHC is proud to support our Statewide Housing Coalition and Thank them for their guidance & support!



As a membership organization, we're only as strong as our members. Luckily, our members are some of the best in the affordable housing business! We love to recognize those who are doing great work. If you're interested in becoming or nominating a Member Spotlight, please click here.

To view past Member Spotlights, click here.

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