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Six in Six Week 4: A Note of Thanks from a Grateful Grandmother

The economy has been rough on so many of us. But when I was laid off from my full-time job in April 2010, I was fairly confident I'd find another and move right along in my life. After all, I had been working for pay since I was 14 years old and had never had any difficulty finding a position.

Boy, was I surprised a year later to find myself still beating the bushes to find full-time work and attempting to eke out a living on meager part-time wages!

My credit union was awesome from the get-go and helped restructure my mortgage payments and other debt, but there wasn't much more they could do. Though my home is small and humble and the payments are reasonable, I couldn't possibly meet them on just 8-10 hours of work each week.

After nearly 40 years of steady employment and a lifetime's careful management of my household budget, I had to face the fact that I was about to lose my home.

Then a mortgage specialist at my credit union told me about replenished funds available through the N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Program and federal foreclosure-prevention programs. She said that many folks had success in working with Triangle Family Services when they applied for these grants and recommended that I give them a call. Just a few days later, I was attending one of Triangle Family Services' comprehensive information seminars about applying for the Mortgage Payment Program and learning about a vast array of financial counseling services available at TFS.

Thanks to the N.C. Housing Coalition's support of TFS, the agency was as well-staffed as possible in trying times and was able to provide extremely knowledgeable assistance and guidance through the entire application process. If you've been unemployed, you know how dehumanizing and demoralizing the situation can be -- but everybody at Triangle Family Services treated me with utmost kindness, respect, and dignity. They were unflaggingly encouraging, empowering, and entirely dedicated to making sure that I could keep my little 1950s bungalow and stay charged in my job-hunting efforts.

There aren't enough exclamation points in circulation to tell you how thrilled and relieved I was this past summer, when my application was approved and I called my credit union to tell them those mortgage payments were coming through after all. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently, and it was a delight to come and sign those closing papers at the TFS office in Raleigh. I slept nightmare-free for the first time in months!

I owe so much to everyone involved in helping me keep my little home. For now, I'm still getting by on my part-time wages, but I'm confident that times will get better. In the meantime, the dedicated staff at Triangle Family Services and the N.C. Housing Coalition are keeping so many hopes alive across our state and in our communities.

From my home to yours, I offer joyous thanks for your support of N.C. Housing Coalition. The Coalition continues to advocate on the state and federal level for agencies like TFS that provide essential housing counseling services as well as initiatives like the Mortgage Protection Program. They also educate and connect homeowners to these programs and services, so people like me can keep our home.

Your donations are helping even grandmothers like me build ourselves up when circumstances get us down.

Warm regards,

Kim Yaman


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