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Six in Six Week 6: NCHC - Pat Yourself on the Back

Each year, during the holiday season, we share six stories about people whose lives have been changed by quality affordable housing.  These stories represent the tangible results of our advocacy work.

This year you heard from our own Anne Ehlers about the Post Card Project that’s helped give a voice to more than 160 residents in affordable housing who have sent over 1,500 postcards to legislators. You heard about Dawn and her three children in Bryson City who moved from a quality affordable rental to a home of their own through CAHEC’s scholarship and homeownership programs.  CASA shared Robert’s story about the necessity of affordable housing after a disabling car accident.  Kim Yaman told you how she was able to save her home from foreclosure with the help of Triangle Family Services and the Mortgage Payment Program. And last week, you heard Alicia’s story about moving from homelessness and addiction to complete self-sufficiency with the help of Homeward Bound in Asheville.

Your financial contributions and advocacy directly support the Coalition’s work on all of these issues and many others that are critical to the hundreds of thousands in NC without adequate housing.

You make it possible for us to be in the legislature every day of the session. You provide us the opportunity to rally groups from across the state to join us in educating and encouraging our legislators to fund more affordable housing and make it easier to get quality affordable housing where it needs to be.

In 2012, we’ll be engaging even more residents. We’ll be working with owners and property managers to get more postcards sent to our representatives and help get residents registered to vote. The folks at the capital need to better understand that their constituents who live in affordable housing pay attention to legislative process and demand changes.
We’ll be working with our advocacy partners on housing and services for persons with disabilities.  This will receive a significant amount of attention and planning at the state level and we’ll be there to make sure that all available resources are used wisely and that the goals are always in the best interests of the residents.

We’ll continue to fight for funding for foreclosure prevention, consumer protections and housing counseling.  We have so many tremendous partners in this work and we’ll continue to help our policy-makers understand the value of both funding and protections for the programs we’ve worked so hard to put in place over the last decade.

Finally, we’ll continue to administer the award-winning Carolina Homeless Information Network (CHIN) as well as our advocacy for housing and services to end homelessness.  We have a great network of service providers across NC who are using best practice programs to move clients on successful pathways to independence.  We’ll work to make sure their stories are heard and that the value of each entity (housing authorities, shelters, service providers, vouchers, developers) is understood.

We have a lot to celebrate even in these challenging times.  Take a moment in these last few days of 2011 to pat yourself on the back for the amazing work you’ve done this year to improve affordable housing. Click here to make a contribution to help the Coalition continue our work. Thank you for your partnership and encouragement. We look forward to working with you in 2012.

Happy Holidays,

Chris Estes

Executive Director
North Carolina Housing Coalition

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