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Six in Six - Week Four: The NIMBY Grinch

We were optimistically moving forward with a proposed senior housing community and then…NIMBY struck in the least expected place!  After all, this was a senior community!

The proposed community would enhance the surrounding upper middle-class neighborhood and ‘who could say no’ to such a worthwhile cause.  After all, we had unanimous support from City Council, City Manager, Planner and County Manager.

Neighbors of all sizes, shapes and types did not want “those type of people” and, “that kind of Property” going so far as to say, “call it what you want but it’s just section 8 that will drive down our property values!”   The seller wanted us to respond immediately to the complaints he was receiving and felt the freedom to pass along my cell and home phone number late on a Friday afternoon.

A colleague suggested I call NCHC.  Anne Ehlers picked up the phone and off we went.  We support NCHC and have met many members of their team at conferences in the past but I must admit I was pretty dense when it came to understanding the depth of knowledge, know-how, connections and support NCHC could provide.

Anne guided me toward the vast ‘vault’ of information on the NCHC website, spoke about other tax credit developers with similar challenges, provided a new contact that successfully ‘won hearts and minds’ and educated me on recent legislative changes.

She pointed me toward a number of independent studies relative to affordable housing development in existing neighborhoods and interestingly enough- numerous studies have proven that new affordable housing construction does not diminish home values.  As a point of fact, home values increase and they increase the most in upper middle class to high-class neighborhood and PUD’s.

First, thanks to Anne and the NCHC team for all of your help.  We’re now moving forward with the development plans.  Secondly if you haven’t done so, consider perusing the NCHC website.  If you are a steady user check back often for legislative and other important updates…I know I will. Finally, I hope you will consider supporting their great work!

With Sincere Gratitude,

– Developer and NCHC Member
(In an effort to protect a deal that’s still in the works, we’re keeping today’s Six in Six writer anonymous.)

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