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Six in Six - Week Three: Up and at 'em

I thought that I would spend many more years in my small cottage in my quiet neighborhood. We can never know what lies around the corner.

In 2001, I found I was living with a new roommate, Parkinson’s Disease. That meant I would soon be out of a job because I was in the accounting field. Data entry of facts and numbers became far from accurate and timely. My little cottage began going downhill rapidly and I could not maintain the up-keep of repairs to plumbing and wiring etc.

My daughter started looking for other housing possibilities that I could afford and would feel like home. It also needed to have interior safety features, and secure surroundings. That is a mouthful, right?

It was year 2008 when it became absolutely necessary for me to sell the cottage and move to a senior independent living residence. I put my house on the market and started looking in earnest for a new home. My daughter worked for Elder Care at the time and was able to get information about housing for seniors. She heard of a new development not too far from her home and convenient to doctors' offices and the hospital. It was Auburn Spring Apartments.

We met with Wendy, the manager, and fell in love with the apartments. The lifestyle was apparently just what I wanted: lots of opportunity to be outside, a multi-media room for my art interest, and lots of seniors who liked to play games. But I thought, surely I can't afford this? I was so thankful to find out there was a way for me to live comfortably and safely with other seniors like myself.

My house sold at just the right time, and I moved in in August 2008. In Feb. 2009, I was in a major auto accident with life-threatening injuries. I spent a month in the hospital and a month in rehab. How marvelous to know that I had a home to return to where my friends could help me when I needed help and cheer me when I started feeling, you know, like sitting on that ol' pity pot! 

I am up and at ‘em again, and want to thank CAHEC and Evergreen Construction for caring enough to provide the very best and the NC Housing Coalition for working so hard to make sure there’s affordable housing available for seniors. Please donate if you can. It really can make a difference.

Happy at Home,

Betty A. Wilson

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