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Six in Six - Week 5: Playing checkers

I do what I do because I enjoy playing checkers.

I enjoy playing checkers with people like Ken, who lives at Oak Haven Apartments in Hendersonville. He reminds me of my own grandpa. He’s shaped vaguely like Santa Claus without the beard. His round face is weathered from years of working outside in the mountains. He wears denim overalls and a dark-green, plaid flannel shirt. His hat is from the local tractor supply store. Ken spent most of his 74 years on some family land out in the country. Shortly after Oak Haven opened, Ken’s kids thought it might be better if he was closer by, where they could check on him more often.

Ken reminds me of how our work in the legislature builds real homes. Homes that are affordable and safe for folks on a tight budget. Sometimes, after working at your desk for weeks, the domino effect of our work becomes a bit cloudy. Visits with residents remind us how our meetings with lawmakers lead to funding, which leads to developers building, which give people like Ken a place to call home.

As 2013 winds to a close, please consider making a contribution so the North Carolina Housing Coalition can continue to help folks like Ken.

By the way, Ken pummeled me at checkers.

Happy Holidays!

Anne Ehlers

Director of Development and Communications
North Carolina Housing Coalition

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