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Six in Six - Week 6: Little bits of good

It wasn't my drive or passion that exposed me to the economic differences in our society.  At a young age, due to the family I was born into, the exposure just came. 

Respect.  I think it all comes back to that one word in the end. 

We're all on a scale of grey in our economic categories, from rich beyond rich and poorer than poor.  Once you're aware that for no doing of your own, you're lucky enough to be in the middle of that scale, I believe your inner self calls you to bend down and lend a hand to those who are not as lucky or blessed.  How would I feel if I had been born on the lowest of the economic scale? I'm not totally sure, but I do know that I would want more than anything else to still be treated with respect.

My daily work is my response to that inner voice that tells me to do all I can to respect those in need and give a hand up.

It can be lonely in this work, however, as for years I heard the world tell me to earn, earn, earn. And also that one person can’t really make a difference.  Then, I met colleagues like those in the Housing Coalition and started to believe that with others who are like minded, we can have an impact on the scale of grey.  And now, I not only believe this to be true, but know it as truth. Desmond Tutu said it best… “do the little bits of good where you are. It’s those little bits put together that overwhelm the world."

As 2013 winds to a close, please consider making a year-end contribution so the North Carolina Housing Coalition can continue to make a difference.

Happy New Year!

Christine Odom

Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity of North Carolina


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