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Affordable Housing Primer Introduction

The idea for this Affordable Housing Primer came from the Housing Working Group at the 2006 Disability Rights Conference in Charlotte, NC. The group consisted of self-advocates, professional service providers, state government leaders and volunteer advocates who all recognized that housing was one of the most significant issues for persons with disabilities. They wanted a central resource to help make housing information more accessible as well as make clear all the ways persons with disabilities could get involved in influencing housing policy.

Every housing resource and policy listed in the Primer was created as a result of housing advocacy. Every state and federal agency listed is influenced by housing advocacy in its funding, planning and rule-making. While much has been accomplished, it should come as a surprise to no one reading this manual that much more needs to be done. 

We are proud to have produced this Housing Primer and hope it will be a valuable tool for finding needed housing resources. We also hope it can be a vehicle for increased advocacy by persons with disabilities and their advocates for expanding resources in affordable housing and improving housing policy on the local, state and federal level. 

Below are links to download the Table of Contents, In Memorium, Message from the Executive Director, and the Preface and Acknowledgments.

If you would like a hard-copy or Braille version of this Affordable Housing Primer, or have any questions, please contact us.


Click here to download the Introduction in pdf format. 

Click here to download the Introduction - Large Print in pdf format.

Click here to download the Introduction - Spanish Version in pdf format.

Click here to download the Introduction in plain text format.

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