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NCHC Research and Publications

NCHC Housing Communication Manual

The goal of this Manual is to provide affordable housing advocates and concerned community leaders the tools to conduct a meaningful and successful public education initiative about affordable housing. To view or download a copy, click here.


Affordable Housing Primer

This Primer is designed to provide important basic information and resources that individuals, particularly persons with disabilities, their advocates, families, and service providers, can use to increase understanding of the housing system and help meet their needs.  For more information or to download a copy, please click click here



This informal workbook was developed at the suggestion of local housing authorities that noted the importance of ensuring that Housing Choice Voucher recipients had the support and knowledge to be strong tenants. This workbook draws from a number of quality housing reference materials and is intended to be a very simple tool for individuals who will be receiving a Housing Choice Voucher. It offers information to help tenants navigate the program, identify their support system, improve budgeting skills, and know their rights and responsibilities. For more information or to download a copy, please click here.


Overcoming Municipal Barriers

Despite producing some of the best examples of affordable housing in the country, those who build affordable housing, both for-profit and non-profit, still face considerable opposition from local governments across our state.

We believe that this opposition is based in misguided perceptions of what is being proposed and often driven by discriminatory stereotypes about race and class.  It can also take the form of outdated stereotypes about design and economic impact based on the failed large-scale urban renewal developments of fifty or more years ago. 

The Housing Coalition is committed to changing the perception of the public and local governments about what affordable housing looks like and what its impact in their community will be both by conducting a public information campaign and by challenging discriminatory development decisions in the courts.

We hope this guidebook helps builders and nonprofit organizations better understand their rights under fair housing law.  We also hope that it leads to more successful challenges to communities that are discriminating against affordable housing by denying or delaying their approval.

Our thanks to Amy Curry and the Duke Law School Community Enterprise Clinic for producing this guide and we look forward to working across the state to maximize its impact in getting more quality affordable homes produced in North Carolina.

To download a pdf copy, click here.


The Economic Cost of Substandard Housing Conditions among North Carolina Children

This study, commissioned by the NC Housing Coalition, focuses on the impact of environment-related risk factors on the health of North Carolina children living in substandard housing. It quantifies the direct costs (medical care) and indirect costs (special education, missing school and work days, life maintenance services, etc.) for North Carolina children for conditions associated with environment-attributable risk factors commonly found in substandard housing.

This study demonstrates that increasing the state’s funding of the NC Housing Trust Fund to $50 million a year would produce a significant increase the number of quality affordable units and make more funds available for the repair and rehabilitation. The Housing Trust Fund provides financial support so developers can build affordable homes and apartments. It can also finance emergency repairs, modifications to make homes handicapped-accessible, and supportive housing for the homeless, victims of domestic violence, persons with mental illness, and other low-income populations.

To download the study in pdf format, please click here.


A Consumer's Guide to Manufactured Housing

This guide, published in both English and Spanish, is a resource designed to help those considering purchasing a manufactured home make the most informed choices. Click on the links above to download in pdf format. 


Housing Communications Research and NIMBY Presentation

Click here to visit the KnowledgePlex page that contains the link to the recording of the NIMBY session that Chris Estes presented. You have to be a registered KnowledgePlex user to access the page, but there is no cost, and you can sign up on-line when you go to this web page.

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