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NCHC Housing Communication Manual

The North Carolina Housing Coalition is pleased to present the improved and revised second edition of the Housing Communication Manual.

The goal of this Manual is to provide affordable housing advocates and concerned community leaders the tools to conduct a meaningful and successful public education initiative about affordable housing.

Included in this manual are:

  • An overview of the North Carolina Housing Coalition, its mission and initiatives as well as its legislative agenda, board and staff;
  • An overview of North Carolina’s housing picture, including key issues, fact sheets and statistics you can use to convince others of the need for and benefit of affordable housing;
  • An overview of the Campaign for Housing Carolina, a statewide public awareness and education campaign working to increase the state’s investment in the North Carolina Housing Trust Fund, including research-derived insights on attitudes toward affordable housing in North Carolina, communication strategies and key messages for success.
  • A NIMBY guide that defines NIMBYism, provides solutions and offers guidelines for bringing an affordable housing effort through the local development process;
  • A media toolkit that provides a practical field guide with sample documents to assist in communicating housing and NIMBY issues; and
  • Information on how you can become better prepared as an affordable housing advocate in your community.


Please click on the links below to download the manual in pdf form.

Message from the Executive Director

Table of Contents

Section I: About the Coalition
Who we are and what we do.

Section II: Critical Information on Affordable Housing
Research about current housing needs and public attitudes on affordable housing.

Section III: What to say about Affordable Housing
Messaging strategies to use when talking about affordable housing.

Section IV: Building a Year-Round Communications Strategy
Different tools for ongoing year-round communications strategies.

Section V: Overcoming the Challenges of NIMBYism
Best practices on communications to prepare for and respond to NIMBY opposition to your development, as well as information on the effect of affordable housing on surrounding property values.

Section VI: Glossary
A to Z list of terms, programs, and definitions related to housing.

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