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Training & Course-Related Questions

Q1       When could I expect to see training scheduled and how much would that training cost?

A1       You can always refer to the our website to see the most current training offerings.  Beginning the fall of 2014, NCHC will provide a series of Track A, B and continuing education sessions in North and South Carolina.  The “tuition” fee is as follows:   The Fundamentals of Housing Counseling (Track A) $425; Advanced Housing Counseling (Track B) $535; Loss Mitigation/Foreclosure Intervention (Track C) $625.


Q2       Are there any scholarships available for attending the course in the fall?

A2       Although scholarships for the fall 2014 workshops are unlikely, TAHC has a long-standing record of maintaining affordable “tuition” fees and has not increased its fees since the late 1990s.  Also, we pride ourselves in offering our workshops in varied locations through The Carolinas to minimize traveling expenses for participants. Should scholarships become available, we will let you know.


Q3       Why is the workshop fee for Track B higher than Track A?

A3       The workshop fee for Advanced Housing Counseling (Track B) includes the biannual certification fee that participants receive when he or she successfully passes the Track B test.  The workshop fee is itemized as follows: $410 (Workshop tuition); $100 (Biannual Certification fee); $25 (Track B Test Fee).


Q4       What is the TAHC Fast-Track Workshop and will there be a course available this year?

A4       The Fast-Track Workshop is fast-paced 4-1/2 day course that blends the core principles and concepts of both the Track A and B workshops.  This course is for experienced housing counselors who were previously certified as a housing counselor through TAHC or a training provider that TAHC recognizes.  While there is not a scheduled Fast-Track workshop at this time, these workshops have historically been scheduled in the months of June and December.  Check our website for current and future Fast-Track training opportunities.


Q5       What is the Re-Take Track (A) one-day session?

A5       Historically, TAHC has provided opportunities for workshop participants to retake the Track A or B test.  NCHC is now offering a one-day session that will allow participants to attend a Track A (or Track B) review session that will cover the principles and concepts of the Track A curriculum first and then take the Track A (or Track B) test.  Studies have shown that this approach could significantly increase one’s chances of passing the test.



Certification Related Questions

Q6       Do I need Track A & B for my certification?

A6       Yes.  In order to receive your TAHC certification, you must attend both Track A & B workshops and pass both tests with an 80% or higher proficiency rate.


Q7       Will TAHC certification be accepted by HUD?

A7       No existing training certifications (i.e. TAHC, NW, LaRaza) will be accepted by HUD.  The following is an excerpt from HUDs Office of Housing Counseling (OHC) FAQ:
The Housing Counseling Statute now requires that all individuals that provide counseling for HUD Programs must be HUD-certified by way of passing a new written examination showing competency in each of the 6 areas prescribed. We (HUD) cannot consider any exemptions to the individual certification requirement because the law does not provide any language for exclusion. HUD would remind the commenters that all questions posed on the issue of “grandfathering” current counselors – that is, somehow allowing existing counselors to be exempt from certification or to be certified without having to pass an examination -will not be considered in finalizing the rule.


Q8       Is TAHC certification being accepted by the National Industry Standards?

A8       Not presently.  The following is an excerpt from TAHCs (August 2014 edition) e-newsletter,  Housing Counseling TODAYSince these Standards were first developed, The Association of Housing Counselors has formally adopted the National Industry Standard and adapted our core training workshops (Tracks A, B, and C) to these standards.  In fact, our curriculum content, training design and delivery meet and, in some cases, exceed The Standards.  NCHC has been informed that the Committee that oversees The Standards is developing a new process to review applications from additional training providers, such as TAHC, who are currently excluded from the list of National Industry Standard training providers.  NCHC was further told that the completion of this process and its guidelines will take several months to be finalized, but TAHC has been added to the list of interested parties and will be notified of the formal call for applications and issuance of applicant guidelines and requirements.  We will keep you posted on our progress.


Q9       In light of the new potential HUD certification requirement for all housing counselors, what is the benefit of having a certification from TAHC?

A9       The HUD certification is (or will be) a national certification for all HUD approved agencies and their counselors and is essential for these agencies to apply and potentially receive HUD funds at the federal level.  Currently (please keep in mind this could change during HUDs final ruling of this statue), all counselors who obtain their HUD certification must be employed by a HUD approved agency.  If you resign or become employed by a non-HUD approved agency, then your national certification is nullified.  Conversely, TAHCs certification follows you (individually) regardless if you are employed by a HUD approved agency or not.  As long as your TAHC certification is maintained by earning the required (biannual) continuing education units.  Further, TAHC is negotiating with key state leaders (in NC and SC) to see if state funded programs will continue to acknowledge and endorse TAHCs certification at the state-level for funding purposes.

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